I’m Not Jelly Is The Plea On Kickstarter

Upcoming action rogue-like and devourer of planets, I'm Not Jelly is heading to Kickstarter for a release on mobile and PC.

“I’m not jelly” might be a familiar mantra if you’re in denial, but you’ll have to come to terms with it. To adjust to the sentiment, you could always bide your time with self-help rogue-like I’m Not Jelly.

Heading to Kickstarter next month (October 2021, time travellers), this action rogue-like comes from 1 Simple Game – seeking the funds to complete its development – the studio’s seventh title launch, but first for mobile, PC and possibly console release.

I'm Not Jelly - I'm not
I’m not. Really. Source: PR

You only have one job, but it’s not an easy one: conquer worlds. Hack and slash through many planets at war, referring back to mother(ship) for unlocks, upgrades and customisations.

Check out the I’m Not Jelly Kickstarter trailer below:

The game is scheduled for the 14th of October, but the pre-launch site is available to register your interest. The link is here.