Hypercharge Unboxed

Hot off the press, i.e. I’ve just checked my email and seen that an email was sent, Hypercharge Unboxed is out today on the Nintendo eShop.

But what is this Hypercharge Unboxed you talk about? Well, bear with me while I read the email again, and watch the trailer. It appears to be a mixture of multiple genres such as a first-person shooter and platformer, but the key thing I’ve taken away is the tower defence element.

Hypercharge Unboxed - Battery
Batteries included, albeit, the wrong size

If, like me, you’re a sexy beast and enjoy tower defence games (see my most recent review, Yet Another Zombie Defense HD, hint hint), you might get a little excited about this, like me. From the minds at Digital Cybercherries, creators of New Retro Arcade Neon – quite possibly be one of the best places to reside which isn’t in real life, this looks set to be the kind of game both young players and old can get a kick out of.

When I say young, for obvious reasons, but for older players such as myself, it appears to be a reimagining of what little green army men can actually do, ever since seeing their potential in Toy Story, and not the subsequent franchise that made it onto the Dreamcast.

Featuring Nerf guns, 10 different playable areas, 30 buildable assets and characters you can customise, this is looking like a game worth playing as a co-op in the available split-screen modes. While there’s Nerf, the characters don’t to be from any particular franchise, but they appear to be unique enough to try it out. Any game that features a moustachioed what-what type serviceman is enough for me.

Hypercharge Unboxed is out this very moment, and as of writing (19:25), it’s a Friday, so what are you waiting for? Head on over to the Nintendo eShop. Check out the footage below:

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