Humble Games Unleashes Six New Titles For Gamescom

Humble Games has five new titles at Gamescom 2023, along with a highly rated titled coming to mobile. What could it be?

Conceding again with the Gamescom news, this time it’s because the round-up from Humble Games is too good to pass up. The publisher has six upcoming titles, so let’s take a quick look at what’s about.

First up is Billie Bust Up, a 3D platformer where you play a young goat named Billie on their quest to find their long-lost father. 

After that is Bo: Path of the Teal Lotus. This one is also a platformer but in the 2.5D aesthetic. Based on Japanese folklore, you’ll brew arcane teas to unlock mystical powers and face strange characters straight from myth and legend.

#BLUD is next. A zany animated dungeon crawler that mixes up action RPGs with hyperkinetic 90s cartoons, #BLUD followed Becky Brewster – a new kid in town that has to survive freshman field hockey and the vampire apocalypse. 

While the Iron’s Hot is an adventure game where you slip into the boots of a journeyman blacksmith. Forge, smelt and combine metals to perfect your craft, seek out treasures and puzzles, and, most importantly, become a master smith.

Next is Mineko’s Night Market – a narrative-driven ‘social simulation’ that celebrates Japanese culture like the first title. Craft whimsical items, eat delicious snacks and enjoy all the cats. That’s a selling point for most, surely?

…and finally, we have Unpacking. This zen-like puzzler needs no introduction (feel free to read the review). This one is showing because it’s coming to iOS and Android on the 24th of August, 2023.

So, an eclectic group of titles from Humble Games that need to be on your radar and/or wishlist. Let’s leave on a quote from the publisher:

We’re committed to bringing players high-quality, original experiences, and we do that by joining forces with some of the world’s most talented independent developers to bring their creative visions to life—and we look forward to hearing first hand feedback about our games from attendees at the show.

Mark Nash, VP of Global Publishing at Humble Games.