Howl Long Until This Game Is Released? 2023…

Howl to the moon: folktale turn-based strategy game is comin' to the PC and Nintendo Switch in 2023.

Wish your life away: turn-based folktale Howl is coming to PC and the Nintendo Switch in 2023. Why does that matter? The team behind it, Mipumi, have worked on the likes of Hitman and Control. Kind of a big deal, right?

So, the Howl of the title relates to a ‘howling plague’ that turns folk into feral beasts. There’s no diplomacy here; you can get rid of these wrong ‘uns by shootin’ ’em with yer crossbow, innit?

In Howl, you’ll rid the land of this ‘orrible plague and ensure that future generations can live the life of Riley by experiencing the following key features:

  • Foretell the actions of your enemies in tactical, turn-based combat
  • Beautifully illustrated in a unique, living ink artstyle
  • Unlock and upgrade new skills like shadow step, exploding shot and more
  • Save villagers from the claws – or howl – of the wolves
  • Play through 60 levels in 4 chapters
  • Plot your route on the world map and pick your battles wisely

How does that look with keyframes?

Howl will be available in 2023, for the PC and the Switch, in… erm… 2023. More info as and when.