Clog Up Your Vacuums In House Flipper Pets DLC

Have you seen that ad for Pets content for House Flipper? Good news: House Flipper Pets DLC is out now!

After all this time, I still haven’t reviewed House Flipper on this site, but at least I can tell you about the House Flipper Pets DLC, out now.

From Frozen Way and Frozen District, their little announcement of this DLC has been floating about on Steam for over a year now, and now you finally get to populate your digs with some furballs.

There are ten types of breeds for both cats and dogs, and they all have the associated traits with them. In addition, there are iguanas, snakes AND spiders, so if you’re an ‘alternative’ pet fan, there should be something for you. Sadly, no giraffes.

In addition to the House Flipper Pets DLC livestock, there’s a new painting/sticker mechanic for decorating, extra stair sets to access the attic, and you can also paint the ceilings. Don’t like where the door is either? Move it!

Key features in the House Flipper Pets DLC include:

  • Interact with your pets, take good care of them and create a unique bond.
  • Be ready for the upcoming challenges with 11 new jobs.
  • Let your imagination run wild and go for a unique design with all 11 of our brand-new ranch-style houses.
  • Experience flipping in a new countryside environment!
  • 3 new flipping mechanics arrive in Pets DLC – hang lightbulb chains around your room, insert extra sets of stairs, decorate your interior with custom standing and hanging pictures, and wall stickers!
  • 2 new long-awaited mechanics for the base game – paint or tile your ceilings and purchase and place new exterior doors!
  • The addition of over 700 new items will make your interiors warm and cozy!


House Flipper Pets DLC is out now. Just in case you need to be told, you also need the base game.

A similar title I can recommend? Animal Shelter Simulator (also has new DLC!).