House Flipper Is What They Call Me In The Suburbs

Make your dream home in House Flipper by purchasing a dump and getting it a makeover.

Cow tipping has been done, so why not House Flipper when you get to topple over housing development? Would be good if that was true, but this title is about fine-tuning a house for resale.

If you’ve ever been to university, had a day off school, or your job is to look after the kids, you will have seen daytime TV.

Daytime TV isn’t all bad as there are a few mainstays worth watching, such as Homes Under The Hammer – a show that follows wannabe property developers buying a derelict house from auction, painting it in magnolia, then flogging for a profit.

House Flipper is that, only less magnolia.

House Flipper
Purple in colour. Source: PR

In the game you purchase said derelict houses, then as a one-person crew, will renovate them into something worthy of daytime TV and sell on for a profit, in first-person.

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I don’t know about you, but this is a dream job, and the majority of us would be pushed out by the industry as you need a lot of capital. Not when you own a PC, however.

House Flipper is one of the most popular and top-rated simulators of recent years. The percentage of positive player reviews on Steam is as high as 88%. Now this best-selling, creativity-stimulating title will also reach the hands of Nintendo Switch owners. For the first time, virtual renovations will also take place on-the-go. 

Rafał Jelonek, COO at Ultimate Games SA

Who needs over-priced contractors when you can do the work yourself, knocking down walls, giving it a new lick of paint and so on. House Flipper is like The Sims without the townsfolk getting in the way.

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I’ve covered this game before, but it looks ace. Here’s another trailer:

House Flipper is out on the Switch on the 12th of June, and this version allows for gyroscope-based controls. Take that, Steam!