Hotshot Racing, How Do Ya Like My Driving, Hotshot?

Out on the 10th September 2020 is Hotshot Racing, a throwback arcade racer for PC and consoles.

Out this month, Hotshot Racing – a 90s-inspired racing game with a focus on casual gameplay rather than a simulator, for multiple platforms too!

That smug poop-eating grin from the lead racer is what you’d expect from a title like Hotshot Racing, and while it does have it’s fair share of diva-like characters it matches up with some classic arcade racing.

So yeah, I’ve already had the opportunity to have a look at this title, and while you’ll have to wait until the review from the release date, this is a title any petrolhead should have a look at.

Hotshot Racing - Split
Split. Source: PR

From Lucky Mountain GamesSumo Nottingham (that notorious destination synonomous with Far Eastern culture) and Curve Digitial, comes a racing title with a 90s flavour with 60 FPS gameplay.

Key features in Hotshot Racing include:

  • Single-player championships.
  • Eight-player online game modes.
  • Four-player local split screen play.
  • 16 circuits.
  • Plus much much more.

Boasting a team that has worked on Outrun 2Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing Transformed, this is a racer touted for arcade fans familiar with the pick-up and play model.

“This game has been on a massive journey for the past decade from the initial concepts to Kickstarter pitch and now on the final stretch to launch,” said creative director Trevor Ley of Lucky Mountain Games. 

Followed up by Tom Turner studio production director at Sumo Nottingham who said “As soon as we saw Hotshot Racing we absolutely fell in love with the concept, and working with Trevor on the game’s development has been a fruitful and joyous experience”.

Lots of positive words, and next week we will find out if that translates in the final review. Here’s a Hotshot Racing trailer in the meantime:

Hotshot Racing is out for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch on the 10th of September.