Satisfy That Thirst For Blood In Hordes Of Hunger

Help thwart an invasion by satisfying one's bloodlust in Survivors-like Hordes of Hunger - coming to Steam in 2024.

Do I work for Kwalee at the moment? Hordes of Hunger is the third announcement today from the publisher, who are clearly very busy—this time, it is a collaboration with developers Hyperstrange.

A 3D action hack and slash arena-type game, it features high production values and an evolving narrative that is apparently popular in the Survivors-like genre. I say ‘apparently’ as I’m unfamiliar with this genre, just the bog-standard ‘surviving’.

Hordes of Hunger involves rescuing others, picking suitable loadouts, gaining new abilities, and fine-tuning your build. Featuring choke points, high ground advantages and breakable structures, this looks like a good ‘un.

Key features include: 

  • Survive against hundreds of monsters hungry for your flesh.
  • Fight across multiple 3D levels, each with unique quests and enemy types.
  • Obtain and upgrade dozens of skills in each run.
  • Customise your loadout with different weapons, special attacks, and stat increases.
  • Experience a fully voiced story that develops within and between runs.

Hordes of Hunger will be available via Steam in 2024, so wishlist it now, or they’ll set the monsters on ya.