Hoplegs Proves That Four Legs Are Better Than One?

Does controlling a box equipped with four legs that launch you in multiple directions sound good? Hoplegs be thy name.

Despite my involvement in the gaming world, I seldom watch others play games unless in my or their homes. When I do, however, it’s usually little-known indie games like Hoplegs.

Well, considering WhyKev founder Kevin Andersson co-founded Elden Pixels, of Alwa’s Legacy fame, they know a bit about gaming, and this title looks to be a killer in the right circumstances.

Coming to Steam in Q2 2021, you control a block with four legs to advance in a level. These legs are controlled by button presses on your controller or keyboard, but rather than walk with each one; they independently launch it into the air.

Hoplegs - Outside the box
Think outside the box. Source: WhyKev

There will be over 30 levels available on release (a demo is currently available). It has a built-in level editor for some potential Super Mario Maker-type mayhem, plus there’s co-op for four players and customisable boxes. Wahey!

Key features in Hoplegs include:

  • A sweet single player story in a medieval world
  • Friendship testing co-op levels
  • Build and share custom levels with the Hoplegs Level Editor
  • Compete against other players in the Leaderboard
  • Local Party Mode for up to 4 players
  • Controller, Keyboard and Dance Mat support
  • Soundtrack made by Nathan Ross

Watch the trailer, and you can guarantee that this will involve some hair-pulling!

Hoplegs is set for a Q2 release. In the meantime, you can play the demo on Steam now.