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Earn More Followers With The Honey, I Joined A Cult Roadmap

2022 looks like a bright year if you’re looking to start a cult. Check out the new roadmap for 2022 in Honey, I Joined A Cult Early Access.

Honey, I Joined A Cult Early Access
Source: Steam

If you genuinely saw this title and expected to get more followers on Twitter, forget it. This is about meaningful followers: those who hang on every word of Burt Biscuit: it’s Honey, I Joined A Cult.

Currently in Early Access and one of my top picks as per this typey bit, Sole Survivor Games has revealed their roadmap for 2022, detailing the upcoming major updates, as well as additional features.

For starters, Honey, I Joined A Cult Early Access roadmap revealed that there would be a new Futurist theme, Leader demands and world advancements. What does that mean? Don’t ask questions, and do as you’re told!

It’s all true, folks, trust me – the Gods told me in an email, there’ll be a flurry of new characters, customisation (yay!), police and protest upgrades, events and Steam achievements if that’s your thing.

By now, I’m hoping you know enough about this title from Team17, but if you’re still not willing to invest in The Church of Godzilla, read the Honey, I Joined A Cult review and perhaps watch the trailer?

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