Hometopia Is Aptly Named. This Is One To Watch

Ever fancied building your own home but don't have the funds? Start from the foundations all the way to the top in upcoming Hometopia on Steam.

In fear of this being hyperbole, Hometopia could be one of the best games coming to PC, launching in January 2022, but with a playable demo coming during the Steam Next Fest.

Why the excitement? It’s essentially the best parts of The Sims and House Flipper thrown into the mix to create a housebuilding game, as created by a real-life renovator/game developer couple, The Isn’t Company.

Hometopia - Shower scene
Shower scene. Source: Steam

Players will get to build, design and renovate in one of five unique neighbourhoods or tinker with friends online in something completely different. There’s even a sandbox mode – the playable component for the upcoming demo.

Hometopia is the perfect vehicle for those who would love to build their own home without constraints. Build from scratch – that is, from the foundations to the colour of the curtains. This is a game to watch.

Here’s a rather long list of Hometopia features to whet your appetite:

  • Build entire homes from scratch – foundation to rooftops
  • Create homes and neighborhoods with others in online multiplayer
  • Play in First Person or Overview camera modes
  • Design furniture and change materials for everything for full customization
  • Grid-less designing and 360 degree item rotation
  • Lay out the floorplan and designate where every room goes
  • Create plots of any size
  • Build entire neighborhoods with roads, street lights, trees and more
  • Steam Workshop support – share your creations and upload custom items and textures
  • Renovate, buy and sell homes across 5 unique neighborhoods (Trailer Park, Suburb, City, Beach, Mansions) in Career mode
  • Free-build in creative Sandbox mode
  • Multiple biomes (Forest, Lakes, Desert, Beach) to select from
  • Thousands of items to design and build with at launch with more available through modding
  • Adjust time of day and sun direction to take the perfect shareable photos
  • Take before/after photos automatically in-game
  • Advanced lighting system
  • Build elaborate gardens and exteriors
  • Paint color wheel to use any color

Gameplay options are either in first-person, or an overhead perspective. Check out the trailer here:

With an extensive career and sandbox mode, there’s so much potential for Hometopia to be a colossal hit. Time will tell when we see the demo next month. This has shot to the top of the list!