Holy Potatoes! What The Hell?! Out Now

Holy Potatoes! What The Hell?! is the latest instalment in potato technology, out now on Switch!

Out now on the Nintendo Switch, Holy Potatoes! What The Hell?! – a cooking management sim set in Hell.

Taking charge of Sweeny Tots, Holy Potatoes! What The Hell?! has you stuck in the Afterlife which is swarming with potatoes. Doesn’t sound all that bad, if you ask me.

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Holy Potatoes! What The Hell! - Spuds
Spuds! Source: Rising Star Games

As part of your punishment in Hell, you must sort the potato sinners into a series of delicious dishes. As a Brit, this sounds like heaven; roast potatoes, mash, chips, boiled, new potatoes, potato salad… 

When it comes to the potato sinners, you can punish them with all your might by boiling, mashing and frying them. Evil

But what else does Holy Potatoes! What The Hell?! from Daylight Studios and Rising Star Games have on offer?

  • Sort potato sinners into their rightful cooking stations to create delicious ingredients.
  • Use sinful ingredients to cook up delectable potato-based recipes.
  • Feed the hungry deities, appease your Pantheon, and level up your Gods.
  • Put on your chef’s hat and research new appetizing recipes.
  • Manage your stations by upgrading, doing maintenance, and boosting them with hellfire.
  • Throw down in Cook-off Showdowns and prove you are the best chef in Hell.
  • Meet pop-culture sinners such as Mealificent, St Reaper, and Sephiroot and mythological gods such as Loki, Persephone and Osiris while spiraling down the nine circles of Hell!

Instead of looking in the cupboard at a random potato, see them in action in the trailer below:

Holy Potatoes! What The Hell!? is out now on the Nintendo Switch. Get mashing!

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