Hoa Over Here: A Ghibli-Esque Adventure Due In The Summer

Set for launch on PC and consoles late August 2021, Hoa is a puzzle platformer with a Studio Ghibli vibe, releasing your inner child... (unless you already are one).

Many titles claim to be inspired by Studio Ghibli, but the only real comparable element is some nice artwork. Well, Hoa, a puzzle platformer from PM Studios and Skrollcat Studio.

Seriously, when is this film being released? Hoa is stunning, and just experiencing the gameplay video shown below, this isn’t just about talented artists; the general vibe is wonderful.

Hoa - Steampunk
Steampunk. Source: PR

Players experience the journey of the title character as she goes on a journey to experience nature. While it will be a relaxing experience, this is a puzzle-platformer, so exploration and problem-solving skills are still required, but in these environments…? This may bring out the best in you!

Check out the gameplay trailer below. If this is an indication of what to expect this Summer, good times are ahead.

Hoa will launch on the 24th August 2021 for PC (Steam and GOG), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5 and Xboxesseses. Digital versions will be available at $14.99 from launch, which the physical editions are priced at $39.99 with a voucher for the digital soundtrack.