Hitchhiker Thumbs A Lift This Week On *All* Platforms

A road trip to 'find yourself', only you don't know who you were to begin with. Hitchhiker is a first-person narrative-driven story out this week on *all* platforms.

I saw details on the Hitchhiker last night and immediately thought of the Rutger Hauer film without the Will Smith bit, The Hitcher. However, this latest offering from Versus Evil doesn’t seem to be on the same reckless path of death and destruction.

Hitchhiker is a road movie game where you’ve lost all recollection of identity. You have no clue who you are or where you’re going, but one thing is for sure; you’re on the open road and going to be catching rides with strangers.

Hitchhiker - A Mystery Game - Robots in disguise
Robots in disguise. Source: Screen capture

From developers Mad About Pandas (nice), this is a first-person mystery game that is narrative-driven. Your journey links you up with five different rides, that is drivers, and through your conversation, you will try and put two and two together.

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The following is the latest – gorgeous – Hitchhiker trailer:

I’m picking up flavours of Hello Neighbour aesthetics with NeoCab story elements. Only one way to find out… wait for the inevitable release on the 15th of April for PC, Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.