Hill Climbing Mania Ascending This Month

It's all downhill from here

Hill Climbing Mania was announced today – a successful mobile game, released at the end of the month on the Switch.

When you’ve sold over 10 million copies on mobile, what next?

Port it to the Switch.

Mobile ports usually work well on the Switch as the portable nature of the device means that these games originally devised for mobile translate well, with a minimal footprint on your memory space.

Hill Climbing Mania - Soft top
Hill climbing in a soft top. Source: Nintendo

Hill Climbing Mania is one of the familiar titles like Flappy Bird that have had so many iterations that it’s hard to stand out among the crowd, but based on the sales, 11Sheep (links to their Twitter account) are on to a winner here, surely?

Not familiar with 11Sheep? Check out their game The Office Quest here.

The game follows the same formula as its peers: traverse some perilous terrains, collecting coins along the way to upgrade and purchase new vehicles, while finishing in time.

Considering The Mystery Machine and a well-known DeLorean are in the lineup, Hill Climbing Mania isn’t just your usual run-of-the-mill jeeps and sports cars.

Visually it’s a mobile-type game but looks very sharp, and the colours pop.

Want an idea on what to expect? Check out the Hill Climbing Mania trailer below:

Hill Climbing Mania has kept a low profile as it was only just announced today with minimal info other than it’ll be out on the Switch on the 28th May.