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Hide & Dance! Busts A Move On The Nintendo Switch

Hide & Dance! is the latest from Japanese developers hap Inc. and KEMCO, a rhythm game for the Nintendo Switch.

Hide & Dance! won’t be knocking Just Dance off the charts just yet as exclusive content as it’s a revised version of the game that existed on mobile, only enhanced for the Switch.

From the same team who brought us Mom Hid My Game!, you’ll instantly recognise the art style and characters, including a dancing grandpa. Unless he needs a gypsy kiss. As before, if the ‘mom’ enters the room, it’s game over. What a bitch.

Hide & Dance! - Generational
Generational. Source: Nintendo

That’s it for today as there’s not much promo for it. If you liked their other game, check out Hide & Dance on the Nintendo eShop now.

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