Find 850 in Hidden Cats in New York, a hidden object game by Nukearts Studio. Let’s paws on that for a moment. 850Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & Magic recently came out, so buying a massive bundle of 100 Hidden… titles and Hidden Cats in London was the way to go. 

After finishing all those, it made sense to purchase this one. It’s a relatively short experience but an enjoyable one. Even my non-gaming wife got involved. Are you looking to reel in your non-gaming significant other? Consider this hidden object game.

You must find 100+ hidden cats with only three hints within a large, black and white illustration. Clicking on a cat will add a splash of colour, and if you locate all those within a defined area, such as a building, that too will pop with colour, making it easier to find the rest.

Hidden Cats In New York Review - Bonus
Bonus. Source: Steam

Using the mouse scroll wheel, you can zoom in and out and move around dragging the mouse or using the W, A, S, and D. An audible miaow will occur if the current screen hides a cat, but who needs hints – especially if you play in the advanced mode.

In the Hidden Cats in New York’s advanced mode, there are no hints and many more cats to find, including special ones. These are the developer’s real-life cats, but Hidden Cats in New York differs from Hidden Cats in London because some of these special cats may only appear on screen for a limited time.

Unlocking them all unlocks five bonus stages. These are more of the same, only without the animation, and the cats are kittens. The bonus stages in Hidden Cats in New York are arguably trickier, with only one hint per stage of 50-100 or so hidden kittens. What’s so sneaky about these stages are the locations of kittens, sometimes hidden behind inanimate objects without any clues. 

Hidden Cats in New York really is enjoyable as there’s no time limit, meaning you can play at a leisurely pace while watching Netflix and chilling. Sorry, what? It’s stupidly cheap, and, like Where’s Wally? it has a long-lasting appeal as in a couple of months, you’ll forget where everything was and want another stab at it.

It’s no Baldur’s Gate 3, so if you need a long-term fix, buy a cat. For those wanting a moreish and wholesome experience that differs from cosmic horror or paranoid delusions, go seek this out now before your lives run out.