Hellstuck and Diamond Hands Double Jump On The Switch

A double bill/jump (though both sold separately), Hellstuck: Rage With Your Friends and Diamond Hands: To The Moon are available now on the Switch.

I’m not lazy, per se, but this announcement is for two games from Ultimate Games as both Hellstuck: Rage With Your Friends and Diamond Hands: To The Moon are essentially the same type of game, and both are now available for the Nintendo Switch.

This isn’t an early confirmation of a release date as it transpires these are already available now, and I’ve only heard about them as likely to review them both. Why? Because they’re reminiscent of Jump King, and for all the hair-pulling, these can be fun and rewarding games. 

At the very least, you can watch your friends/families/frenemies lose it.

In Hellstuck: Rage With Your Friends, you’re stuck in Hell and must jump upwards to escape, navigating the nine circles of Hell. With Diamond Hands: To The Moon, your goal is to get to the moon. In both games, you go up and, without question, will soon come crashing down.

…and this is the Diamond Hands: To The Moon trailer:

Both are available now and should have a review posted within the week.