Hello Puppets! Hello Creepy Sewn-To-Your-Hand Puppet

A VR horror puzzle, Hello Puppets! is available via Steam with a limited discount, if you aren't too scared...

Time to jump onto the horror bandwagon just before Halloween with Hello Puppets!, though it can be played anytime you’re feeling the need to scare yourself silly.

A VR game on Steam from Otherworld Interactive and tinyBuild, you have to solve puzzles to find out why the studio that housed Mortimer’s Handeemen was burnt down in 1986. Eight people died in the ‘accident’, including the creator of the show.

Taking the role of a college reporter, you’re sent to investigate, but as you’d expect, are immediately out of your depth. One thing that’s a little different to the cliche is you have a puppet named Scout sewn to your hand…

Hello Puppets! - Not Jack
Not, Jack. Source: Steam

‘Scout doesn’t like you and you don’t like her, but you’ll have to work together to escape the evil cast of Mortimer’s Handeemen’. So, you’re on the run from creepy puppets? Sounds like a blast!

Key features in Hello Puppets! include:

  • Unique horror-meets-comedy tone. Quirky characters and Scout’s foul-mouthed sarcasm will put a smile on your face, right before an evil puppet jumps out of the dark at you and turns it into a scream! 
  • Scout is more than a bland companion character, she’s alive, and you can interact with her using revolutionary mechanics only possible in VR. 
  • Complex, challenging puzzles and pop out scares keep you on your toes. The game alternates between high-intensity scares and fun VR puzzles that will test your ability to work together with Scout.
  • “Puppet Mode” lets you transform into Scout and see the entire world from a radically different perspective. Use “Puppet Mode” to solve puzzles, escape enemies and learn secrets about the world of “Hello Puppets!”
  • Rich lore hidden throughout the world, telling a horrifying and darkly comic story. “Hello Puppets!” is filled with secrets that will enrich and amplify the complex story of the game. 

Here’s a trailer:

I would love to provide coverage for this one, but alas, it’s PC-based VR, and I only have PSVR. It’s certainly worth a look though, so head over to the Steam page as Hello Puppets! currently has a discount on it.

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