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Hellish Quart Reignites The Bushido Flame In Europe

A 17th century duelling title, Hellish Quart is an upcoming Early Access game heading to Steam.

Hellish Quart
Source: PR

One-on-one duelling title Hellish Quart makes way to Early Access on Steam this December, and it’s a title that fans of some similar Far Eastern fans games may recall. 

Do you remember Bushido Blade or Kengo? Well, this game appears to be inspired by these classics but with a European twist. If that’s accurate, yes, this will be immediately added to the wishlist.

Hellish Quart, from Kubold, focuses on the duels of the 17th century, though instead of pistols, it’s sabers, longswords and broadswords. Anyone see the swordfight in Rob Roy? There might be more than one David and Goliath battle.

Hellish Quart - Bridge
A game of bridge. Source: PR

It isn’t just about honing your fencing skills, but ‘earning recognition in the eyes of noble ladies’. 

Key features include:

  • Fight epic sword duels based on active ragdolls and physical sword collisions.
  • Enjoy super-realistic motion-captured fencing animations.
  • Immerse yourself thanks to the 3D-scanned 17th-century clothes, based on fashion from the period.
  • Get to know the realities of life in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.
  • Fulfill your dream of becoming the most famous fencer of the era!

Here’s a teaser trailer for Hellish Quart:

Out on the 7th of December 2020 via Early Access Steam, you know what to do.

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