Hellbound out now Steam
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Out now on Steam, Hellbound – a 90s throwback to the brutal FPS games that graced our machines in our youth. Well, me and a few other beardies, at least.

All hell has broken loose of late, what with Hellpoint, the Succubus Prologue and now Hellbound that we may as well just give up these thoughts of paradise and accept fire and brimstone is heading our way.

At least we can do it in style as Hellbound is a bloody FPS that takes no prisoners with its 90s throwback to games such as Duke Nukem 3D and all the other titles that set the benchmark.

Hellbound - Quaking in my boots
Quaking in my boots. Source: PR

Out now on Steam, the game follows the protagonist Hellgore. Unlike his silent counterparts such as Master Chief and that chap from the Doom series, he’s a talkative fellow and will hold your hand as he blasts the faces off his enemies.

Core features include all the following in their UPPERCASE glory:

  • FAST-PACED ACTION: Immerse yourself in relentless gameplay that rips you through demon-dominated dimensions!
  • WEAPON SELECTION: How you slaughter monsters is just as important as doing it. Can someone say Triple Shotgun?
  • DEVASTATING POWERS: Pairing those weapons with boosts such as increased damage and speed ratchets up the action another notch!
  • MONSTROUS GRAPHICS: Hellbound delivers high-resolution gameplay without sacrificing the nostalgic feeling.
  • A CAVALCADE OF DEMONS: Enhancing the gameplay is demonic variety, pushing the player to tackle the game in different ways.
  • HEADBANGING TUNES: Kickass while listening to a soundtrack composed by the great David Levill, Federico Ágreda “Zardonic” and Christian Fernando Perucchi.
  • A F*** TON TO SINK INTO: 7 campaign levels, 4 survival arenas, 8 classes of enemies, 5 heavy weapons, 3 power-ups, and tons of secrets to discover!

With titles such as Ion Fury setting a new standard for throwbacks to these games of yesteryear (I was there, man – Quake veteran who owned the NIN soundtrack on CD), I’m excited by this shooter from Saibot Studios and Nimble Giant Entertainment.

The passionate and ambitious Latin American teams at Saibot Studios and Nimble Giant Entertainment have managed to accomplish a lot and we couldn’t be more proud of the result, in what is our first release as a publisher.

Nicolas Maier, CTO of Nimble Giant Entertainment

There will be blood. And guts:

You can pick up Hellbound on Steam now, and to celebrate the gift of generosity; there’s currently a 20% discount on offer.

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