Hell Pie Tips For Deviants

What? Didn't you just post a Hell Pie review? Yep, but I've been playing it solidly for a week or so, and here are some Hell Pie tips to start you out...

I often see those headlines: ‘Umpteen things I Wish I Knew When Starting Blah-Blah‘, so I decided to write some Hell Pie tips, but without the numbers. Here are a few tips as I’ve been rinsing this for some time and striving for that platinum trophy, which isn’t as elusive as you may think.

However, it’s a fairly big game, and you can’t steamroll through unlocking everything in one go. So, this is a sanity check for when you’re starting out – perhaps losing faith in your abilities – or wondering what/where to do next.

This isn’t a 100% Hell Pie achievement list. I’m working on it. Nor are there any cheat codes. It’s a work in progress, but hopefully, it helps you stick with it as I reckon this is one of the best 3D platformers out in the wild.

Quick Hell Pie Tips

Hell Pie PS5 Review - Puts the HELL in Hell Pie
Source: Screen capture
  • Don’t get too flustered with Hell. Head straight to the Chef, unlock Nugget, and then head to Sashimi Bay the minute you can.
  • Skills are always a preferred thing, but I highly recommend you continually invest in the number of swings and regenerating ability.
  • Next, go for health (maximum of five).
  • Also, improve the range for collecting gems as it’ll help with the near misses.
  • Don’t use the swing boost for the ‘disco laser’ section. When I more or less gave up and swung as is, I did it first go.
  • Flying enemies are annoying. In Flavor Peaks and the Jungle, you can knock the projectiles back at the assailants, but in Pearly Gates, either use your dash or rocket horns to get up close to the angels as they shoot too fast.
  • Don’t worry too much about the Lucky Cats, as you’ll need quite a lot until you start unlocking better stuff like costumes etc. Cats can be exchanged with Greed in Hell, in a room with the other Sins. There’s a door for each room that will tell you how many you need.
  • Look out for Whack-a-Mole style areas on each level. Enemies will appear randomly, and if you hit them in time without any misses, you’ll unlock extra candy meat.

Feeling Horny?

There are six horns to collect. To get these, you need to collect the respective unicorns for sacrifice, complete a mini stage and then they’re available via L1 and R1 to activate.

  • Radar horns – unlocked from Sashimi Bay.
  • Sprint horns – Allows Nate to permanently dash.
  • Ram horns – Nate can smash through rocks, and crates that previously needed grenades, plus take out some hardier enemies like the early crabs.
  • Arm horns – See those weird statues that look like they have arms/antlers, but you can’t do anything? Select the Arm horns; pressing R1 will let you glide up or down a zip wire.
  • Light horns – It seems a bit useless at first as there’s only one early area in Hell that’s dark and rewards with goodies. However… have you found those Cthulhu characters and images etched into the rock? Equip the horns, use them, and it’ll open a bonus area.
  • Wing horns – (needs a whopping 18 sacrifices). Nate can now fly, and in Pilot Wings style, fly through the red circles in some areas for a boost.

Achievements List


Hell Pie Tips - Sacrifice
Like Unilambs to the slaughter… Source: Screen capture
  • Mentor – meet Chef.
  • Gullible – meet Nugget.
  • Classy demo – buy any costume.
  • Bad taste – get all outfits.
  • Yummy! – collect the first ingredient.
  • Is this supposed to be funny – unlocked once the receptionist informs you that the servers are down (after unlocking the Jungle?). You need to plug in all four(?) USB sticks.
  • Hero – free all the Munchers in the sewers (Sashimi Bay).
  • Sushi for everyone – enter the whale at the highest peak and blow it up from the inside (Sashimi Bay)
  • Mr Huseau – overfeed the food critic in the restaurant (Flavor Peaks).
  • MacGyver – locate all the ingredients for the ‘crack’ on the ground floor of the restaurant (Flavor Peaks).
  • Is it only for shock value? – hit at least ten naked humans with Nugget in the factory, located in Flavor Peaks near its base.
  • Smashface – swing Nugget into any wall.
  • Sexytime – collect all the plants and ‘connect’ them with those on the dancefloor (The Jungle).
  • I can’t see how that’s funny – destroy the three crosses on the roofs in Pearly Gates.
  • Gem hunter – get 1000 gems.
  • Gem addict – get 5000 gems.
  • Gem connoisseur – get 10000 gems.
  • Epicure – collect every ingredient.
  • Juvenile and unnecessary – unlock Nugget’s fart from the tier tree. Totally worth it.
  • Witness – uncover one of the rituals (found in the deeps in Hell – unlocked once you have at least two or three swings available).


  • Fast as f boi – Complete the Sprint Horns stage.
  • Hornborn – Complete the Ram Horns stage.
  • Never skip arm day – Complete the Arm Horns stage.
  • Let there be light! – Complete the Light Horns stage.
  • Hörn Retörn – Complete the Wing Horns stage.


  • That’s just too nasty – beat the sewer boss in Sashimi Bay.
  • Everybody is beautiful – beat Gluttony in the restaurant.
  • Piece of cake – beat the Hell Pie.


  • Gourmet – find ALL the candymeat.
  • Greedy – collect ALL the lucky cats.
  • I’m starting to feel a bit sad – get ALL the unilambs.
  • The 1% – instead of getting a ticket in the Jungle waiting room, after one of the checkpoints, jump down and pay a hefty sum of gems to bypass it.
  • Wow! Such endurance – collect everything listed above!
Hell Pie Tips - Collection
Gotta collect ’em all! Source: Screen capture

As mentioned, the above are a few Hell Pie tips to get you started/keep you going. While I don’t intend to list all the locations for the collectables, as guide writing isn’t my life, I’ll be happy to post updates if there are any requests etc. 

Seriously though, that disco laser in The Jungle was horrific. Remember: don’t use your swing boost, take your time, jump over the lasers, and MAKE SURE you find the closest checkpoint before doing a cartwheel.


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