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Hell Let Loose Game Adds Another Explosive Map

WWII multiplayer HELL LET LOOSE game gets a major update with a new map and overhaul of animations.

Hell Let Loose gets update
Source: PR

The Hell Let Loose game is a first-person WWII shooter that is currently in Early Access and has recently had a bit of an update with a 50v50 player option.

Classic cartoon double-take: 50v50 shooter? Say what? 

Featuring an overhaul on animation and audio, the latest update for Hell Let Loose serves up a battleground for up to 100 players in the Battle of Carentan.

Hell Let Loose - Big gun
Big Gun. Source: PR

A World War II first-person shooter by Black Matter and published by Team17, Hell Let Loose is currently in Early Access but has been available for free over the weekend.

D-Day was incredibly significant and a turning point in World War II. In this battle, it is the days that follow D-Day with ‘brutal house-to-house, street-to-street fighting in the largest urban environment in the game to date’.

Launching back in Early Access in June 2019, there’s been a flurry of updates to ensure the game runs at optimal performance, considering the number of players all on one map.

Core features in the Hell Let Loose game include:

  • The brutality of war: Hell Let Loose’s unique scale and intensity are pushed even further with the implementation of a new animation system and greater audio fidelity 
  • New map: The town of Carentan has been recreated to scale using real maps and reconnaissance images from the time to introduce a new urban style of warfare into Hell Let Loose, with tight streets and house-to-house fighting, in a departure to other maps
  • Large scale combat: Epic battles with 50 vs 50 gameplay, broken down into agile units of five.

Hell Let Loose is such a remarkable game, not only for Black Matter, but for Team17 too. It’s quite unlike any other title in our portfolio, and that’s what makes it particularly special to work on.

Chris Coales, Producer, Team17

Here’s a rather polished trailer:

More news on Hell Let Loose in due course, but find out more from the Steam page.

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