Helheim Hassle

Out later this year is a different take on the illustrious journey to Valhalla, in Helheim Hassle – coming to the Nintendo Switch, PC and Xbox One.

It’s no secret that the Vikings longed for the reunion of fallen warriors in the great halls of Valhalla, necking grog and meat, but there’s one pacifist Viking not fussed about any of these shenanigans.

In Helheim Hassle you play as Bjørn who has no desire to join the ranks, nor lose his life in a glorious battle; so he negotiates his way out with the mysterious Pesto.

Helheim Hassle - Armless
Armless fun. Source: PR

As long as Bjørn can retrieve a specific magical item, Pesto will allow Bjørn to forever remain in his mortal residence, that is Helheim.

I smell an entrance for Loki…

In this adventure, Helheim Hassle offers up over 70 quests and over 14 levels in this puzzle-platformer.

Additionally, there are over 80 different characters such as dragons, elves and blue-collar goblins, all voiced with spoken dialogue.

It’s early days, but Perfectly Paranormal are working hard to get Helheim Hassle out later in the year.

In the meantime, check out the trailer:

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