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Have I got the Coronavirus?
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Have I Got The Coronavirus?

A disclaimer for input.

This site isn’t a daily diary, an orange box to talk about politics or an effort to make strangers like me. The latter is a bit of a lie. But as I have a platform, I thought I’d just share my experience of all this Coronavirus coverage.

A disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, haven’t watched a single episode of ER, nor have I finished watching The Walking Dead (virus references). I suppose I should have referenced Racoon City, what with this being a gaming site. Oh well.

On Tuesday I woke up with a stonking headache. Not entirely self-inflicted; I took a handful of breaks (which is a rarity) and went to bed early on Monday night. It wasn’t a migraine, but enough for me to skip the school run and sleep it off.

Wednesday was worse. My body temperature soared over 3 degrees higher than usual. I have an abnormal low body temperature, so the slightest spikes do me in. Following a series of chills, lethargy and an intermittent cough, I didn’t assume the worse and that it was the coronavirus, but felt it was best to self-isolate. The campaign is working people.

Anyway, my mentality is take medicine if you need it, my wife is old school as says you need to raise your temperature to assist your body’s natural defence. For once, I listened to her, fearing the repercussions of her wrath than the coronavirus, or any virus – regardless of its name. I hopped into bed with three layers of clothing, a thick blanket and a mid-season duvet doubled over. I was still cold.

The procedure changes modererately each day and it appears that the only people being tested for Coronavirus are people already admitted to hospital, over 65 and have underlying health issues. None of those apply to me, and based on the current train of thought, even if you feel that you’re alright, if you have a high temperature and a new intermittent cough, you should self isolate. 7 days is the new standard, before it was 14.

Do I have the Coronavirus? I’d like to say no, but based on the symptons, there’s a chance I do. It’s inevitable that a phenonmenal amount of people will get it. Is it like chicken pox: catch it, get it out of your system and move on? Who knows? I don’t want to get this again anytime soon however.

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At the moment, the focus is washing your hands for 20 seconds and keeping your distance from people. Common sense then. I’ve followed all that and still got it, or a variation of it. Only recently I read about on CNN where someone was in a similar postion in Seattle and debating if they had the coronavirus or not. As there were no testing facilities on offer, she was proactive and ended up testing positive. She’s making a recovery now though.

Then there was another chap who caught it while on a skiing trip in Italy. For him it was the intermittent coughing that was the problem, but he had worse. Well, if this is the same thing, then yes, I’ve had worse than how I’m feeling now. However, I could do without the shivers.

Worst public health crisis in a generation

PM BJ, Evening Standard

From my perspective, the most important thing is to delay/contain it, and that means staying home. Thankfully I work from home so that doesn’t pose a problem, but I fear that too many people are being ignorant to the threat the coronavirus poses.

Media reports are mostly statistics confirming the death toll, the age of the patient and that they had an underlying health issue. However there are reports that there are others out there in their 30s without any previous history of health conditions and physically fit, who have been knocked sideways.

Who am I to say that coronovirus is a threat or not? It’s the same as reviewing a game: it’s just opinion. While my guy is telling me that this is a bout of flu more harmful to the elderly and those with health conditions, I don’t think anybody should be dismissing the damage it could cause. For me, it’s the panic buying that bothers me. You don’t need to stock up on sanitser or tissues – you can use your clothes, just wash them thoroughly afterwards. Is there a way to limit items sold per person? I think there should be as in the coming months it could get messy; bare shelves and people out of work.

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As much as you want time off from work, it’s not all about Netflix. Working from home isn’t suited to everyone and some self-isolating people have already claimed they’re climbing the walls.

So, from my experience, what do I suggest?

I think that sweating it out fasttracked the worst of it, but the chills came back the next day. My throat is unbelievably sore and I’m grateful I don’t have to speak to anyone at the moment. The worst part at first was the lethargy. I wasn’t in pain but I had zero enthusiasm for anything. Sprawled out in bed meant binging on TV or playing games, but I did neither. I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

Allowing your body to fight the temperature isn’t fun, but it seems to have worked quite well. Equally, you need to keep your fluid levels up. I’ve mostly had water but the odd hot lemon or squash to vary it. Once I got to the peak of my temperature, I started to take parcetamol. I have tramadol from a hospital stint last year (not an underlying health condition!), but I don’t want to be reliant on that. Other than the throat, I’m not in any pain.

The key thing is to think of others. It’s not a case of ‘getting out of your system’, and especially avoid the elderly if you can. Boris Johnson recently made the most morbid of statements when he said more to lose loved ones before their time his speechwriters (or him?!) would have though that through and still said it. I’m hoping it doesn’t cause too much alarm, but the threat is there.

And for the record, I used to use masks when in Japan. The idea is that they don’t necessarily stop you from getting an illness, but it stops you from inadvertently passing it on. I don’t think it’s such a bad idea to adopt wearing them, just as long as they aren’t overpriced. Colour it in blue or yellow pen and you’ll look like Sub-Zero or Scorpion.

Until next time… take care of yourself, and each other

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