Happy’s Humble Burger Farm Release Date Confirmed

Happy's Humble Burger Farm Rrelease date confirmed in time for Christmas! Forget the turkey, have yourself a burger. Nightmares FREE!

For all those folk who say about having some humble pie, how about a burger as we now have a Happy’s Humble Burger Farm release date for PC and consoles.

A horror adventure cooking sim(!) by Scythe Dev Team and published by tinyBuild, this really is something else and looks like a memorable game whether you like it or not. Despite the ‘cute’ mascot, there’s an incredibly dark undertone.

Happy's Humble Burger Farm - You'll never leave!
You’ll never leave! Source: Steam

Scratch that – there’s nothing subtle about Happy’s Humble Burger Farm. According to these notes here (written in flesh – ok, that’s a little too much), there’s over two hours worth of talk radio, 60 TV programmes, and a soundtrack made up of 14 albums.

Key features in the game include:

– Report to the restaurant and serve customers on a nightly basis (no matter what happened).

The alarm goes off. It’s a brand new day but… You have no memories, just an incessant thought reminding you to report to Happy’s Humble Burger Farm night shift. 

– Manage the operation of the entire restaurant.

Block unsettling occurrences out of mind by fulfilling orders and managing the entire restaurant. 

– Unravel the dark mysteries hidden within the seemingly peaceful town. 

Keep your distance from Happy exploring the streets and storefronts of grand ol’ New Elysian City to uncover the secrets of the Happy’s Humble Burger Farm franchise, Obscura Biotech, Paragon, and your very existence. 

And here’s the earlier trailer:

Happy’s Humble Burger Farm release date is set for the 3rd of December for Steam, PS4/5 and the Xboxeseses. Surprisingly, a Nintendo Switch version is set for early 2022. Woot!