Gym Tycoon Is Another Way To Make Money From Gym Memberships!

Unleash your creative juices without breaking a sweat in Gym Tycoon, coming to Steam in November.

Joining a gym’s one thing, how about owning one in Gym Tycoon? Coming to a PC near you, let’s say late November, this simulator is the best way to get others in shape.

With another lockdown either in place or imminent for where you live, going to the gym is going to be a challenge once more. If, however, you’re a bit like me and have for years said that you’ll join a gym or get in shape, here’s the next best thing: a gym simulator.

Gym Tycoon provides you with a working space to craft your own sweat square or rectangle of apparatus, giving Johnny Public a place to burn some cals, get in shape and beef up their rear end to share on Instagram. Tarts.

Gym Tycoon - Customer
Customer satisfaction. Source: Steam

You’ll need to lure in the customers and increase your wealth to warrant further purchases on top of the range equipment to keep the money rolling in and get your members to their optimum. This also helps with competitions too, as you’ll be able to enter them, winning awards for your gym.

Key features in Gym Tycoon include:

  • Design your own unique gym using the powerful construction tools!
  • Furnish your gym using a wide variety of upgradable training equipment.
  • Attract, train & turn your customers into true fans. Each customer is unique & you’re in control.
  • Hire & manage staff, keep them satisfied and level up your gym!

How about a trailer?

Gym Tycoon is the debut title of Green Forest Games and is released on Steam on the 23rd November 2020.