Gunslingers & Zombies Out Now On The Switch

Ever fancied a zombie western game for your Switch? Gunslingers & Zombies is a turn-based strategy out now that you might want to give a try.

The Wild West meets the undead in Gunslingers & Zombies – a turn-based strategy game available now on the Nintendo Switch, courtesy of Ultimate Games.

Developed by Live Motion Games, we join our heroes in the town of Whiskey as they fight hordes of zombies who refuse to moisturise, continue to mispronounce their words, and believe that human flesh is the way to go.

As a turn-based game, you must position your posse, dipping into an extensive range of firearms and knives to thwart these wrong ‘uns.

Check out the Gunslingers & Zombies trailer here:

Gunslingers & Zombies is out now on the Nintendo Switch.