Gunman Clive HD Collection Switch Review: A Rootin’, Tootin’ Platformer

What a great looking game. Ok, it’s important to have a little substance at least and while Gunman Clive HD Collection, by Hörberg Productions, is so appealing on the eye, it’s a good old fashioned platformer that’s work a look.

Without doing the research – I can’t be arsed – this is a remake of a DS game. Not someone with much enthusiasm in handhelds (that’s a contradiction as I’m writing about the Switch a lot), I never heard of this and the first time I came across the game. Is Gunman Clive HD Collection any good? Yeah, it’s alright.

Gunman Clive HD Collection: Clive’s A Cowboy

Funny that. Yep, he’s a cowboy, on a steel horse he rides – only he doesn’t. He’s running this one solo (unless you count the two extra characters – Indian Joe and Calamity Lisa – those aren’t their real names, it’s Colin and Veronica, respectively). Clive runs along, jumping platform to platform shooting baddies, turning them into vapour. Be it birdies, gunslingers or samurai, he doesn’t discriminate and will shoot them all. The learning curve is simple as it’s an old school platformer without the timing required of say, Super Meat Boy. That said, there are a few hairy moments where timing is important. It’s a platform game after all.

Gunman Clive HD Collection Switch Review - One shot, one kill
The most accurate headshot ever?

5 famous platforms:

  1. Grand Central Terminal, New York
  2. Antwerp Centraal, Belgium
  3. Facebook
  4. Those designed by Vivienne Westwood
  5. Platform 9 3/4

When jumping means everything

There are many occasions where one needs to wait patiently for an opening to jump from one side of the screen to another, only to collide with a bird or being shot, thus falling to your death and restarting the level. A bit of a nuisance, but encourages a bit of patience and skill to get through. If you’re looking to slow it down with jumping, I recommend My Friend Pedro. If you’re like me, you’ll take numerous attempts until you realise you can’t speed run it. Unless you’re good, which I ain’t.

Jumping from one section to another can be a trifle irritating at times but completely achievable if you pay attention. The bosses are much more frustrating however and can be a little more of a challenge. Not as much as Cuphead, mind. Surprisingly their patterns can be quite predictable – it isn’t too much of an ask to learn how to defeat them. It’s just doing it. You aren’t one-shot killed, but might as well be as the minute you make one mistake, you’re bound to completely fluff it up. In my humble opinion, of course.

Gunman Clive HD Collection - The train boss is a little big
The robot dance on a larger scale

The game is a hand-drawn style by professionals, not kids, and looks beautiful – I could not fault it. The music, on the other hand, is a bit flat and too low key, but that’s my preference and I’m not suggesting a score by Megadeth. Though that would be good. That’s it for now. I got nothing else. For the price, it’s worth it but I still haven’t finished it and only occasionally go back to it if I can’t be bothered to get up to change the cartridge or if I want to see if I can get just a little bit further than before.

However, it’s just a little slow in places and the difficulty isn’t as ‘cute’ as the graphics; it’s pretty hard at times despite being a run-of-the-mill platform game. Then again, platforms games of the 16-bit era were relentless – why should Gunman Clive HD Collection be any different? It’s a good bit of variety if you fancy a platform/shooter on your Switch as you can play on the go and it’s not too deep that you need to locate a save point every moment. Overall, it’s above average, but not a regular on my playlist.

Gunman Clive HD Collection Switch review


Yeehaw! It’s my duty to write that in a cowboy-themed game. I’d do the same for Red Dead Redemption 2. Gunman Clive HD Collection is a decent looking game but it’s a little run-of-the-mill. Certainly not an outlaw, but not a legendary gunslinger either. Whatever that means.