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This guide section is for gaming tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way, some 100% achievement/trophy guides, plus a sub-section of walkthroughs.

Gas Station Simulator Tips

Gas Station Simulator Tips

Delivery truck stuck in Gas Station Simulator, or perhaps you want to know the best way to make money? Here's my Gas Station Simulator tips...
Tinytopia tips

Tinytopia Tips

Amateur hour is here once more and we have ourselves some Tinytopia tips - in case you're new to games. It's quite a straightforward game, but y'know... helping hand and what-not.
Hell Architect Review - Staycation

Hell Architect Tips For Sinners

A game need not be hell to play, so here's some Hell Architect tips for those just starting out in their circles. Out now on Steam.
Papetura Walkthrough

Papetura Walkthrough

Stuck on a puzzle? Suffering from too many paper cuts? Here's a Papetura Walkthrough to reignite your interest in paper, since that origami incident you don't like to talk about.
Chernobylite gameplay - The Ferris wheel

Chernobylite Tips And Tricks

This won't be a bible to how to play the game, but some Chernobylite tips and tricks to get you started and plan for the heist.
Strangeland walkthrough

Strangeland Walkthrough

Already struggling with Strangeland? Here's a Strangeland walkthrough that will see you to the end, but note it's not for 100% achievements - a heads up.