The Demon King Is Back, Send For The Guardians Of Holme

Another tower defence on the horizon which also fuses a different type of genre - deckbuilding. Guardians of Holme is coming to Early Access.

A card-based tower defence game? ‘Yes, please’ is my response to the news of Early Access title Guardians of Holme coming to Steam in a couple of weeks. 

This unique title from Indienova and MossTech Studio fuses deckbuilding in a tower defence environment, applying rogue-lite elements. After a dormant legion of demons rears their heads once more, the Royal City sends for a hero from Holme to protect its citizens.

Key features in Guardians of Holme include:

  • Monsters of varying types and powerful Bosses attack you from the air and the ground.
  • Tailor your tactics to changing terrain and enemy types.
  • Utilize different relics and build strategies to create the perfect deck.
  • Place totems, set traps, summon guards, and cast spells to repel endless waves of monsters.
  • Pause or speed up the game and implement the best tactics to overcome challenges.
  • Expand your strategies by gradually unlocking and upgrading hero abilities and new traps.
  • Each hero offers unique talents, abilities, and cards.
  • The difficulty continuously increases! Are you ready for a real nightmare?

Guardians of Holme will be available in Early Access from the 16th of June, 2023.