GRUNND – A Lynch And Kafka Medley

After falling asleep and missing your stop, you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, unable to get back home. Best explore the world of GRUNND.

When SEKTAHOUSE decided to launch their debut GRUNND, they went all out. Not just a point and click, this adventure reads like an evolution of the genre: platform-inspired locales, fast-travel, and branching multiple-choice events. 

As if it couldn’t get any better, the game pays homage to the works of David Lynch and Franz Kafka. Wow. But it isn’t the dream pitch, but this line here: ‘As much as GRUNND is about its characters, it’s about the protagonist’s introspective journey’.

After missing your stop on the train ride home, you arrive at a place called Bytown. Unable to get the last train back, checking into the nearest Travel Lodge could be the solution, but according to the info here, sleep isn’t on the cards…

Here’s the GRUNND trailer:

With GRUNND I wanted to tell a story that is not overburdened with puzzles and irrelevant actions. Primarily I want the player to enjoy the narrative and have it stay with them after they’ve finished the game…GRUNND is only the beginning, we are working on expanding the universe with more narratives and transmedia projects.

Olafs Osh, the developer and director of SEKTAHOUSE. 

No doubt you’re dribbling now and keen to know the release date. It’s out now!