Tower Defence And FPS Fusion Not So GROSS?

Sounds GROSS, but fusing an FPS with a tower defence game sounds like a delight. Out in January on Steam, demo available now!

Strawberries and cream, ebony and ivory, Tango and Cash, and now tower defence and FPS. Could GROSS be a match made in heaven? We’ll find out in a matter of weeks on Steam.

Blending two top genres to fill the gap of SanctumHangry Owl Games’ boldly claims this is ‘an uncut experience’, meaning you can place your towers wherever you like(!), then tackle your enemies up close with ‘rewarding gunplay and abilities’. 

Sure, this is what many PR pieces read like, but seriously, this sounds fantastic. Get a peek at the GROSS announcement trailer below:

GROSS is available on Steam from the 11th of January, priced at $17.99 / £14.99 / €17.49, respectively. Feeling a bit hesitant about spending out after Chrimbo? There’s a demo available on the store page.

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