Grindstone Are Sharpening Their Line-Up For WASD 2024

Grindstone will be at WASD 2024 next week, but what will they be showing? Have a look-see...

I’m honestly holding back on all the potential cringe that can be thrown at a Grindstone post—Grindr, Bump ‘N Grind, skateboarding—but let me not embarrass myself with dad jokes and let the games speak for themselves. By the way, I apologise for the headline.

Next week, the 25th-27th April 2024, good ol’ London is holding the WASD Live 2024 event and the publisher will be there (as am I). They’re able to boast four exciting new titles, one of them being one of my most anticipated games – Die By The Blade.

As you may have read (or WILL read), Grindstone is taking back the helm of the one-hit-kill Bushido Blade successor, and quite honestly, it will be mega. But that’s not all—we have one for the Nords in Jötuunslayer Hordes of Hel—a rogue-like arena survival title that is undoubtedly one for those who like to paint the town red—red being blood. Amiright?

Next on the list is Preserve – a nature-building game in the form of a puzzler. Create a harmonious ecosystem, positing plants and animals in a sustainable environment. Parents will get this reference.

Finally, The House of Tesla is a new game by the folks who brought us The House of Da Vinci. Another puzzle game, you’ll explore hauntingly beautiful locations and challenges; seing the world through the eyes of the great Nikola Tesla. Next up on the cards should be The House of Fraser.

Grindstone will showcase these amazing titles at WASD in the T2 Playable Hall—stand T2.5. For more info on the event, check out the official site. I hope to see you there. That’s a bit weird. You won’t know who I am, but at least we can share an anonymous moment together.