Grindstone Making A Switch To The Epic Games Store

A hit on the Nintendo Switch and Steam, Grindstone is a sword-slashing puzzle game now available for the Epic Games Store, boasting 250 levels.

Back to the Grindstone. That is, if you’ve already been there, which is unlikely as this is the latest title from Capybara Games, available now on the Epic Games Store.

Launched initially on Apple Arcade and the Nintendo Switch, this puzzle game is a sword-slashing adventure, boasting a whopping 250 levels of battling monsters as you loot resources, locate powerful gear and discover long-lost blueprints.

Grindstone - Grind and repeat
Grind and repeat. Source: Nintendo

Already a big hit on the Switch, Epic Games Store users can get a favourable discount if they snap it up early. If you still haven’t got it for the Switch or a bit of a physical collector, you’ll be pleased to know that a special edition is in the works courtesy of iam8bit and Capy.

The original Grindstone score by Sam Webster will be released as a double LP which features artwork by Nuri Durr and will begin shipping in 2021.

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