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Grimshade coming to the Switch

Grimshade A Tactical Release On The Switch

Taking its inspiration from JRPG’sGrimshade is a turn-based strategy game where you take control of a group of heroes in the world of Ree’fah. Really? Is it a smoky place?

The city of Brann can no longer hold back the nasties as its walls begin to fall. Seeing an opportunity, the neighbouring kingdom invades, and all hell breaks loose.

With the King gone, along with his heroes, the people finally unite and form their own group – each with their motivation for joining this new group of heroes.

Grimshade - Tavern
Back to the tavern. Source: PR

Grimshade is a tactical game from Talerock and Aesterion Games, and you’ll get plenty of opportunities to test your combat skills in the turn-based action. Additionally, each team member has a unique ability/playstyle to offer a different approach to the tides of battle.

You can expect to see the following in Grimshade:

  • Talking badger with a sniper rifle with six more heroes with their unique abilities and backgrounds.
  • The complex turn-based combat system with no room for a winning tactic or invincible team build.
  • Horizontal character development system based on heroes’ equipment.
  • The vivid hand-painted universe accompanied with an atmospheric soundtrack for exploring in 20+ hours of your exciting journey.

Check out the Grimshade trailer below:

Grimshade is out on the Nintendo eShop from the 25th of June and will feature a pre-order discount.

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