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Out now on PC, Griefhelm is a hack and slash duelling title that relies on tactical combat, set in a medieval era.

Developed by Johnny Dale Lonack and through Thorrnet Publishing, this is an award-winning game of skewering enemies, deflecting blows and overcoming your opponents in fast-paced duels.

The hack and slash reference only refers to the action and not the genre as Griefhelm relies on a strategic approach, not a button masher. In this case, expect a side-scrolling For Honor comparison that features well over 500 narrative responses in the campaign mode.

Griefhelm - Firestarter
Firestarter, twisted firestarter. Source: PR

Choose from over four factions: he Flames of Thorny Mountain, First Comet Alliance, The Brilliant Dawn Corps and the Order of the Emerald Scale – all have their allegiances and relevant histories with one another and can be called upon in the multiplayer mode for up to four players.

Core features in Griefhelm include:

  • Master fast, white-knuckle combat using a wide arsenal of medieval weaponry including long swords, flails and spears.
  • Use torches and flame weapons to set fire to your opponents or take to horse back for a tactical advantage as your enemies attack. 
  • Challenge a dynamic, replayable campaign and claim your reward in Griefhelm.
  • Battle with or against your friends with online matchmaking.
  • Slay on the same couch with up to 4 people in local multiplayer.
  • Visually striking art style and hand crafted environments bring the world of Griefhelm to life. 

Below is the announcement trailer, showcasing the brutal combat:

Griefhelm is available on Steam now.

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