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Gravity Heroes out now on Steam
Source: Steam


Gravity Heroes Out On Steam – Newton Was Right!

A classic platform action title, but with a twist: a gravitational one. Gravity Heroes is out now on Steam.

First, there was a deluge of horror games coming out each week, then cyberpunk, and now it would appear that it is the age of the shmup as PQube, Studica Solution, and Electric Monkeys have released Gravity Heroes on Steam.

With a pixel art aesthetic, the game takes place in a futuristic war-torn world where you battle it out with synthetic enemies. The goal is to remove that Tetsuo mindest of ‘man and machine’ and strike a balance.

Gravity Heroes - Apples
Any falling apples? Source: Steam

Equipped with the ultimate weapon, the Gravity Shifter, players will be able to manipulate gravity as if in creative mode, cutting down enemies, switching up tactics and all-around confusion – sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down. Gravity, kids.

Gravity Heroes is a classic arcade action platformer which plenty of blasting action, drawing upon retro titles and modern indies, but with the added flair of tinkering with your surroundings just that little bit further.

Features in Gravity Heroes include:

  • CONTROL GRAVITY Face the robotic hordes on the walls, floors, and ceilings as you shift and control your centre of gravity with Gravity Heroes‘ unique ‘gravity shifter’ mechanic. Dodge enemy projectiles or meet them head-on, using walls and ceilings to navigate each stage by shifting your gravity.
  • GIGANTIC BOSSESTake on colossal enemies as you fight your way through the bosses of the synthetic uprising in Story Mode. Team up with friends to help away the health of these titans!
  • TEAM UP WITH, OR TAKE ON FRIENDSGet lost in hectic couch-based local multiplayer! Team up with friends and family in ‘Survivor mode’ or unleash your competitive side in ‘versus mode’.

Check out the trailer below:

Besides Steam, Gravity Heroes will be making an appearance on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4 soon. Watch this space, or space in general.

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