Gravity Heroes Out Now On Consoles

If you didn't get the chance on Steam, let it be said that Gravity Heroes is out now on consoles. Go on, say arses to gravity and live a little.

Gravity is for fools. Learn how to master it in Gravity Heroes as it launches on consoles. Described by me as ‘Heavy, man’ after playing it on Steam; now you can play it on your TV!

From Studica SolutionElectric Monkeys and PQube, it’s a game where you have to take on an army of synthetics, making four use of all four surfaces of each arena.

Gravity Heroes - Apples
Any falling apples? Source: Steam

If Gravity Heroes looks confusing, that’s because it is! It took me a while to grasp it, and even now, I’m not particularly apt. Still, pass that off against your mates who aren’t so good, and you can feel like a King or Queen. Even if that also makes you a schmuck.

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Here’s the Gravity Heroes launch trailer:

Available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and of course, Steam. Also, note that it features backwards compatibility so that you can play it on your SNES.

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