Don’t Worry About That Smashed TV – You’ve Gone Viral

Let the games commence as Gone Viral comes out of Early Access, and you may just be able to get enough fans to win that toaster.

Slowly but surely getting back into the swing of gaming news, let’s kickstart today with Skullbot Games’ Gone Viral update, as published by Akupara Games

If you want a quick crash course into what this title is about, for you oldies and retro fans, think Smash TV, for fresher faces, an isometric brutal rogue-lite. Alas, it’s not that social media simulator you were after – you have to put in the hours manually for that one.

Gone Viral - Sir Kill-a-lot
Sir Kill-a-lot. Source: Steam

The Smash TV reference is an easy one to do, but you’ll note from my preview from last year that I felt it was better than the classic shooter. Yeah, that’s right, watcha gonna do ’bout it?

You’re thrown into an arena and have to fight your way out with any weapon you find, but also manipulate the environment for a quick kill. That doesn’t mean summoning a rain cloud but shunting a grunt into a spike or two. The more carnage you create, the more fans you get, and as we all know: popularity means prizes.

What makes Gone Viral so damn fun, other than flaunting your violent tendencies, is the way the game adapts to your playstyle. If you steam through each area, you’ll attract the speedrunner fans, take your time and do some heavier damage and the type of audience shifts again. The result is unlocking new gear for your next run.

And you’ll be running again and again, with each experience different to the last. Enough with the pitch, here’s a Gone Viral vid:

Gone Viral is outta Early Access, so if you buy it before the 7th of September, there’ll be a 30% launch discount.