Golf With Your Friends Free Sports Update Available Now

Golf With Your Friends sees a new addition - the Sports Update features both a hockey and dunk mode plus more, and totally free!

My lord – there are so many unopened emails in my inbox right now, and I realise that some date back to ancient times – last week! In case you missed it, Golf With Your Friends got the Sports Update, and it’s free!

From good ol’ Team17Golf With Your Friends is a multiplayer experience for up to 12 players in multiple rounds of mini-golf, and featured in my most recent golf feature. In the Sports Update, there’s a hockey mode, shoot three-point power and alley-oops in dunk mode. How’s that for a mash-up?

Key features in the game include:

  • Vibrant themed courses: 14 challenging 18-hole courses set across lively themes including Candyland, Haunted, Pirate Cove, Forest and more, and the newly released premium Bouncy Castle course
  • 12-player par-ty: Play with up to 12 friends in simultaneous putting action
  • Game-changing effects: Power-up pick-ups that can trap foe…friends in honey, turn them into random shapes and even freeze yourself mid-air!
  • Multiple game modes: Explore wacky challenges aside from the traditional game of mini golf, choose from Classic, Dunk and Hockey game modes or even customise your own!
  • Make the ball your own: Customisation options include skin, hats, and trails to personalise the golfing experience.

And naturally, you want to see a trailer for the Golf With Your Friends Sports Update, right? Sure!

Out now with a 67% discount on Steam until the 22nd of September (sorry, I missed the free weekend event due to the Queen’s funeral and whatnot). I reviewed the base game here, so do check that out if you have a few minutes.

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