Golf With Your Friends Craziness Next Week

Tee-off with your friends with some sober mini-golf. Wait, you can do that at home now in Golf With Your Friends, out next week (May 2020!)

There’s been a bit of a deluge of golf titles of late, and it appears that Golf With Your Friends slipped me by.

Published by Team17 who very kindly brought us the excellent Moving Out (was it last month already?!), the game follows the calmer of sports in a multiplayer arena.

I say ‘calmer’, but this isn’t classic golf but the more accessible mini-golf that everyone should play at least once in their life.

Golf With Your Friends - Dino
Teeing with fossils. Source: Steam

Can’t get out at the moment? Put Golf With Your Friends on your wishlist.

Featuring 12 crazy courses to choose from, the game boasts up to 12 players on any given time, and if you need any sort of coaxing, one of the levels is a Worms battlefield.

No, that’s not your back garden after letting Fido out, but the classic multiplayer game, from the same publisher.

Features include:

  • Friendly competition: Players can ‘putt’ their skills to the test against 11 people in online multiplayer.
  • Golf, with a view: Normal golf greens are so last year, Golf With Your Friends offers more than 10 unique courses, each with their own theme and location, including one based on the iconic Team17 franchise, Worms.
  • Super-powered golf: Players can hinder their friends progress with powerups available in custom game modes. Throw down honey, turn their ball into a square, or freeze them on the spot to take the lead and drive a wedge between friends.
  • Multiple game modes: Sometimes golf is just golf, and sometimes it’s golf with a basketball hoop or a hockey goal – both game modes are available alongside the classic mini golf mode.
  • Fabulous golf: Rock the fairway in style, with unlockable skins, hats and trails for the golf balls.

It’s a no-holds-barred setup with some wacky courses, crazy power-ups and 11, count ’em, friends or foes to join you.

Check out the Golf With Your Friends trailer:

Tee off on the 19th May when Golf With Your Friends hits the Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam.

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