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Golden Force Intent On Defeating The King Of Demons On Consoles

A retro action platformer of mercs that resembles a classic, but completely new Golden Force on consoles…

Golden Force coming to consoles
Source: PR

Retro games are a big deal, and we’re not short of titles that are ‘inspired-by’ the bygone era. Developers Storybird Games and publishers PixelHeart and Just For Games have tapped into the market and what have they produced? Golden Force.

I had to watch the trailer a couple of times and re-read the press to check when this was initially released as it looks so familiar, but as far as I can tell, this in a new IP, but it’s done so well, it seems like a port.

With a male character with a familiar name to the protagonist of Berserk and a female lead looking like she goes to the same salon as ShantaeGolden Force has all the hallmarks to make it a classic, if from the 16-bit era.

Golden Force - Pixelated
Pixelated. Source: PR

It looks like those games you would see in the classifieds in Mean Machine or CVG that cost a fortune to import as Joe & Mac used to me. Ah, off to Nostalgia Land we go…

Back to Golden Force. Playing one of four mercs, you storm through this action platformer in the aim to defeat the King of Demons. With equipable items and co-op play, there’s a bit of a life raft for some as I get the impression that this is a challenging game.

Golden Force features include:

  • Several moves available + air assistance from your boat (it looks explosive)
  • 4 different worlds with bonuses to pick up, hidden objects and secret levels
  • A group of heroes ready to sacrifice themselves: Gutz, Spina, Drago and Elder
  • A 2-player cooperation mode

And here are some moving images:

The news for the game hit my desk today, and it states the last quarter of 2020, but we’re in 2021 now, despite it all merging into one. Keep an eye out as I’d like to get my mitts on this for a review. 

Oh, it’ll be available for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. 

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