Going Under Surfaces Later This Year

A dungeon crawler with a difference: these dungeons are fabulous, bright and colourful! Join intern Jackie Fiasco in Going Under - coming in Q2 2020.

Dungeon crawlers are one-a-penny, so if you want to stand out, you’ve got to do something special. Well, Going Under deals it’s Top Trump cards straight away as it’s released by Team17 and on first impressions, it looks great.

Gone with the pixel art top-down crawler we’ve come to expect these days, developers Aggro Crab Games (great name) are breaking the mould and using 3D – count the ‘D’s – graphics with some of the most colourful visuals about.

In Going Under, you play intern Jackie Fiasco who works for tech giant Cubicle – producers of drink brand Fizzle. Jackie goes up against tech start-ups that include monstrous employees and CEOs, spanned across procedurally generated maps. There’s bound to be some coffee-swilling, space hopper bouncing hipsters, and I can’t wait to beat them.

Going Under - Bane
Bane? Is that you…? Source: PR

Features include:

  • The future is wack: Battle through the procedurally-generated remains of failed and cursed tech start-ups set in the dystopian city of Neo Cascadia
  • Flexible fighting: Potted plants, giant pencils, laptops, and body pillows all become weapons for Jackie as she faces the monsters created from the former employees of the start-ups
  • Unlockable abilities: Combine skills bought from the company’s café for a selection of monster-beating synergies!
  • Colourful co-workers: Complete tasks for your fellow employees to unlock them as mentors and gain access to their powerful, run-changing abilities
  • Horrible bosses: Overcome the CEOs of the dungeons based on dating sites, gig economy recruiters, and cryptocurrency to help boost your employer’s bottom line.

So far, it’s looking good and considering the satirical approach, Going Under can back up the presentation with the gameplay too.

Going Under is out on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC during Q3 2020. So there’s some wait still but looks like it’ll be worth it.