The King Of Kaiju: Godzilla DLC Coming To Gigabash

Nothing left to detroy in Gigabash? Come on, you must have something for the king of kaiju to knock over? Godzilla DLC out next month, featuring... Godzilla!

Hold back on the Christmas bash – there’s the incoming Godzilla DLC for Gigabash (clever, huh?), and developers Passion Republic Games have outdone themselves and got the ultimate kaiju of them all: Godzilla.

Next month, to celebrate Godzilla Day(!), he’ll be joining the roster, along with three other unannounced mystery Toho characters. Of course, we could speculate about characters like Mothra, but we’ll have to wait until the release date.

Here’s the Godzilla DLC teaser:

Gigabash Godzilla DLC will be available from the 9th of December for PC (Steam and Epic Games Store), PS5 and PS4. You can read the Gigabash review here.

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