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Godhood – Create Your Own Religion The Safe And Easy Way

Fancy starting your own religion? You can with Godhood – the full game is out now on Steam and God. I mean GOG.

Godhood release date
Source: PR

Godhood is a management game to start your own religion and is currently available on Steam and GOG.

Ever wanted to start your own cult? We’ve started this question before with Honey, I Joined A Cult, but this time it’s about starting a full-blown religion, taking out your rivals as the one true religion.

After completing its Early Access, Godhood from Abbey Games, this simulation has gone into its full release after adjustments to gameplay based on the feedback received.

Godhood - Traditions
Traditional, eh? Source: PR

With a skeleton crew and copious amount of faith, we grew Godhood into what we wanted it to be: a niche, but entirely original religion management game.

Manuel Kerssemakers of Abbey Games

Core features include:

  • Create and shape their own religion from scratch, choosing from over 50 Tenets and 25 Traditions for their worshippers to follow. 
  • Select overarching Commandments which guide a religion’s focus and playstyle, from the sect-like options offered by Madness, to Greed or the heartwarming and kind Generosity.  
  • Recruit a variety of Disciples and send them on ritual combat – the Sacraments – against “heretical” opponents. Players can boost their heroes’ power in various tactical ways by visiting them in their dreams beforehand.
  • Build temples and cities, and make sure their followers are happy and their Disciples grow strong – regardless if they are cannibals, cat worshippers, or lost-in-thought philosophers. 
  • Explore a vast new campaign, with each run offering between 3 and 9 hours of playtime. The replayable campaign features multiple islands with themed opponents which have to be converted on the player’s path to greatness. 

O heavenly trailer, reveal yourself:

Godhood is out now on Steam and GOG.

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