Goblins of Elderstone Planning Permission Granted Next Week On Steam

Manage your goblin tribe and protect them from invaders and the gods in Goblins of Elderstone, releases next week on Steam.

Goblins of Elderstone has frequented my inbox for a while, so it’s time for an update: it’ll be out of Early Access next week. Yay!

Have you seen it yet? Perhaps you don’t even know anything about it. Well, that’s my job. First of all, it’s a city builder, but unlike all those brown palettes you’re used to, Outerdawn has made the world of goblin tribes as vibrant as those socks you refuse to stop wearing on a Wednesday.

Goblins of Elderstone puts you in control of goblins instead of loser humans, where you have to fend off other races and gods and grow your tribe to be the best in town. Ish.

Here’s the most recent trailer:

Available now in Early Access, it gets the greenlight on the 8th of March. Deets for Goblins of Elderstone can be found on the Steam store page.