Glover Gets An HD Remaster On Steam

Released way back on the N64, Glover is a classic 3D platformer where you play a magical glove that has to collect crystals to save everyone. Oooh - topical!

Do you remember Glover for the N64? I do, but I never played it – it was a game I’d never forget seeing the box for it, but never played. Well, it’s getting a reissue.

It’s a shame this never got a look as it’s only now that I realise it was by the Oliver Twins through Interactive Studios, but coming to the PC courtesy of PIKO Interactive – in HD, too.

Glover is a 3D platformer, released when the genre was booming. You play the titular character – a magical glove, and must locate the lost crystals to restore peace in the Crystal Kingdom.

We are excited to see the response of the gaming community. We are thankful for all the people involved in getting this port done, as thanks to them the game is finally ready to launch. We hope we get support from the community so we can keep remastering old classic games.

Eli Galindo, CEO of PIKO Interactive

Here’s the Glover trailer:

Out on the 20th of April – make a note!