Glitches Get Stitches In tERRORbane, An Upcoming JRPG For PC And Switch

Help the Developer fix their game in upcoming JRPG tERRORbane, where the actual developers aren't afraid to break the 4th wall.

There’s a tongue-in-cheek JRPG on the horizon in tERRORbane – a 16-bit inspired adventure coming to PC and Nintendo Switch.

A bug hunting adventure from three-person team BitNine Studio, you get to choose your own adventure, pending it doesn’t glitch. That’s nothing to do with the quality of the coding but the premise.

tERRORbane - Whiskers
9 out of 10 cats… Source: Steam

In tERRORbane, you have to assist the developer in fixing their own game. So while we possibly think that this another Bugsnax, the bugs on offer are the programming kind. This will require multiple playthroughs to find all the quirky gaming references, tearing down the 4th wall in the process.

The developers have catered to several generations in their self aware, and despite a typical JRPG depicted on the surface, ‘behind every corner and under each stone lies a callback to gaming history’s greats or an unexpected twist on classic mechanics’.

Key features in tERRORbane include:

  • jRPG inspired gameplay with majestic lands and mighty foes
  • Quirky characters and snappy dialogue
  • No bugs!
  • More references to video games than you can handle
  • A friendly, although a bit cocky Developer
  • Original take on classic mechanics
  • Absolutely no bugs!
  • Diverse lands that don’t fit into any one genre (Fantasy? Post-apo? We don’t know!)
  • Alright, there might be a few bugs here and there, but you’ll help us find them, right?

Here’s a trailer to indicate the tone:

tERRORbane doesn’t have a fixed date just yet for the PC or Switch, but that shouldn’t prevent you from adding to your wishlist.

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