This Game Ain’t Glitched, Try The Demo For Yourself

It can't be nice when your world is glitching. Help Gus save it in Glitched, a fourth-wall-breaking RPG demo currently available on Steam.

It’s like waiting for a bus, then two come along at once. Glitched is a story-rich RPG coming to PC and consoles, with a demo currently playable on Steam.

Why the ‘bus thing’? A bit like the recent tERRORbane, it’s another title about bad programming and breaking the fourth wall. These are all good things. Well, not bad programming, but self-aware NPCs.

Glitched - Phwoar coding
Phwoar! Look at the glitch! Source: Steam

Said NPC, in this game from En House Studios and publisher Digerati, is Gus. He notices the presence of mysterious glitches in his gaming world and assists the player in fixing them, thus his world.

With plenty of choices to make, thousands of lines of dialogue and the opportunity for player and character to create a special bond that’s hands down better than that fake friendship you once made at Summer Camp, it sounds good.

Key features include:

  • Essence: Your choices change Gus’s essence. This decides his personality, powers, and how characters react to him.
  • Choices: The story changes based on your choices. No two playthroughs will be the same!
  • Progression: Every activity gives EXP. Use it to patch glitches and advance the story.
  • Gus: Talk to Gus at any time. Form a friendship. Observe his escalating existential dread.
  • Battles: No random encounters. Turn-based combat using a unique system with skills, energy, and quirks.
  • Other Features: Magic spells. Cool equipment. 20+ potential party members. Romance system. Tons of outfits. Multiple endings. Arcade mode. Frogs.

Here you go, a trailer:

Glitched is ‘coming soon’ to Steam, but you can try it out now during the current Steam festival.